Move over regular carbohydrates, Waxy Maize is the new kid on the block. Waxy Maize is a corn starch that has been formulated for easy and fast digestion. Waxy Maize passes through the stomach and intestines much faster than other type of carbohydrates. The product is tasteless and can be mixed with water, juice or a protein shake. Waxy Maize can be used by itself or can be added to any other sports supplement that you use before you workout.

If you take any type of pre-workout supplement you can turbo charge it by adding a serving of Waxy Maize. This will help give you more endurance and longer lasting energy to finish your workout without running out of fuel. To help you recover even faster you can add a serving of Waxy Maize right after your workout, this will help with glycogen replenishment and faster delivery of other nutrients including whey protein to your muscles. After you have taken WaxyMaize for a couple of weeks you will notice the full-body pumps and the fullness in your muscles when you workout.

Waxy Maize effects can be noticed in the very first use and it’s a type of supplement that does not lower its effect the more you take it since it is a source of energy for the muscles. Besides using this product at the gym, it can also be used for any type of long distance running, cycling or any other type of exercise that requires a long lasting fuel source.

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